Contractor charged with Manslaughter over Trade Assistant death.

You may have seen Jasons Story before, if you haven’t go and have a look because it’s something every one should see. Jasons Story

Jason Garrels was 20 when he was electrocuted on a work site in Clermont Central Queensland after he was asked to move a switch board box during a clean up in heavy rain. He had only been in the job for 9 days prior to his death.

Last month Nathan Day the electrical contractor on the job where Jason electrocuted, was charged with Manslaughter and faced court. There has been no sympathy for Nathan Day and the coronial inquest was scathing in their review also calling for a review of the electrical licensing process in QLD and the electrical legislation itself.

Day faces court again this month with a very likely outcome of jail time. Two other companies have already been prosecuted by Worksafe QLD and Day’s prosecution will be the last part of a sad story for the family of Jason Garrels who will no doubt be relieved when it is all over.

As a business you should always take care to look after your employee’s but when they are young and inexperienced you should be extra careful they are safe. It can be easy to think that safety is common sense but for an apprentice or young labourer who hasn’t worked in construction before you should expect they have little real common sense.

The consequences are real life and  death so don’t take chances with anyone’s safety.

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