How We Help

Keep It Simple Safety is not your normal WHS Consulting company, but who wants to be normal. Normal for us is going that extra step to make sure our clients have what they need. 

At KISS we can provide a number of services and products to help any business to reach a state of compliance or more.

This includes:

Straight forward WHS Consulting such as reviewing existing systems, providing GAP analysis and creating a plan to move forward to compliance. We like to keep an open mind when helping our clients, it’s not about what we want it’s about finding the best solution for our clients, no exceptions. 
We have ready to use systems for a variety of industries such as Trades (Builders, plumbers, electricians and more) known as TradieSafe. Or maybe you run a Caravan Park and ParkSafe is what you are looking for. These systems are designed for your industry and with a little bit of tweaking for your business are ready to run and purpose built.
We also offer WHS as a managed service for businesses that might need all the benefits of having a WHS resource on tap but not the cost or hassle of having to employ a full-time staff member. We can provide a custom setup that suits your business and help you manage your WHS.
We can also offer the management of specific parts of your compliance such as Contractor Management, we will define your needs and you can leave the rest up to us.
We are also experts in Donesafe so if you just need Donesafe customised for your business we are the ones you want we have been doing it since Donesafe has existed and we have heaps of happy customers.

To put it in simple terms we take care of all the hassles and work hard to give you want you need, clear and simple.

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