Protecting Your Business, Your Employees and Yourself all day Everyday.

TradieSafe is custom designed and built WHS and HR Product that makes getting and staying compliant as a trades business simple. 

At KISS we know that Tradies are always busy, always on the road and can’t stand bullshit. So we came up with a system that is simple to use, fully compliant, travels with you and is a bullshit free zone. Everything you NEED and nothing you don’t. 

TradieSafe includes:

An Expert WHS Partner, someone to answer your questions, keep you on track and support your WHS needs, that’s us. We are also there if there is a serious incident or you need emergency assistance, it’s all part of the package.
The Donesafe platform for you and your workers, available anywhere, any time. We are Donesafe Experts and we are always improving and adding to the already amazing software. 
Policies, customised for your business, WHS, Environment, Drugs and Alcohol (5 included).
Safety Management Plan, customised for your business, 12 sections covering everything you need from Risk Management to Reportable Incidents and everything in between.
Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) ready to use. Our SWMS are top quality and we guarantee they will be accepted by any government department or Tier One Client. 
Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s) ready to use for any equipment you use such as nail guns, bobcats, excavators, angle grinders and so on. These are an excellent training tool to ensure everyone is doing the right thing and you are protected.
Plant and Equipment Register, Action Register, Chemical Register, Training Register, Incidents and Hazards Registers. Everything you need to enter, store and track all the information that you need to if you want to be compliant with the WHS laws. 
A toolbox talk emailed out each month along with reminders for things like testing and tagging, training that is due, changes in WHS regulations and any other important information about WHS. Its our job to keep you up to date.  
Expert WHS support on the phone, this is for those tricky questions you need professional advice on.
Training and instruction on how to use the system and what you need to do to be compliant with WHS.
Online Induction for all staff so you can be compliant with ease. This can include Verification of Competency for equipment use and much more. Never lose an induction or be worried that you haven’t covered everything you should. 
Assistance with tender submissions, accreditations such as CM3 and generally meeting your clients WHS requirements. This could be anything from redesigning SWMS to keep them happy or modifying parts of your system, whatever it takes.

To put it in simple terms TradieSafe takes care of all the hassles and hard work to give you want you need, a clear and simple way to make your business compliant and keep it that way.

We also know that sometimes more is better and that’s why we created the optional extras for Tradiesafe to give you the flexibility to pick what you need. 

TradieSafe Optional Extras include:

Tradie HR – This is a HR System that plugs into TradieSafe to give you complete coverage of your biggest risks in business. This system includes a module to manage staff in Donesafe along with Contracts, a HR Manual and all the templates you need to manage your staff like Letters of Acceptance, Warning Letters and much more. You also have us on call to assist in those difficult situations where you might not know what to do.
Contractor Management – Not only does this include a module in Donesafe to keep a track of Subbies and their insurance, licenses and whos inducted but we help you collect all the information in the first place and make sure its correct. 
Project Management – for small projects and building projects Donesafe can offer a fully customisable platform to manage your projects and collect all the vital information you need. Ask us for a demo today on how this works. 

To put it in simple terms TradieSafe takes care of all the hassles and hard work to give you want you need, a clear and simple way to make your business compliant and keep it that way.

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