KISS System Inclusions

See how the cloud system compares to the paper based system.
 WHS Components Cloud Based System Paper Based System
A full assessment of what your business needs to be compliant with the law.
Policies for your business from WHS Policy to Fitness for Work (Five Included).
Safety Management Plan that covers all the legal requirements for your business such as manual handling, plant and equipment plus much more.
SWMS, SOP’s or SWI’s depending on what your business needs. Everything you need to be legally compliant.
Registers for equipment, training, actions and much more. Everything you need to keep track of your obligations.
All fully customised for your business including logo’s. We only put in what you need so we can keep things as simple as possible.
Basic Instruction in how to use the system, including a checklist so you know exactly what you need to do to be compliant.
Full training and instruction in how to use the system, as much as you need to make sure everything is right, we won’t stop until you are compliant and happy.
Access to 100 Online training courses you can use with your staff. High Quality content to help you be compliant.
A FREE call number that gives you access to a WHS expert whenever you need them for the life of your agreement. 3 Months Only
Monthly emails from us with a new Safety Topic for your Toolbox talk. Plus other important updates for WHS as you need them. (Optional)
Constant system Updates. If something changes in the law while you are under our agreement we will automatically update your system with the changes ASAP. (Optional)
Ongoing monitoring and prompting from our experts to make sure you get compliant and stay that way. (Optional)
12 monthly review of your system and where you are at. (Optional)

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