From the Harbor Bridge to Centre Point Tower or a vertical mine shaft, your High Risk is our day to day.
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In the world of High-Risk work there is no room for cowboys and corner-cutting, you need strong systems and the right skill set to ensure success and safety. That’s where we come in. 

The purpose of the High-Risk Management services is to provide our clients, who require work to be completed in high-risk environments, an end to end service. Applying a systematic risk management process to our work allows us to facilitate safe and effective management of high-risk work projects. Just because its high risk does not mean it needs to be complicated. This approach combined with continuous communication and consultation with our clients and the engagement of the teams highly skilled and experienced members, allows us to put minds at ease and nurture trust and professional working relationships to achieve a shared goal, safely and effectively.
  • Audit of current Systems and procedures to provide a gap analysis and improvement strategies
  • Development of WHS Management system in the context of organizational high risk activities to ensure safe and effective operations and legal compliance
  • Project based safety management systems development and supporting documentation
  • Emergency management and rescue planning
  • End to end project management and implementation
  • Development of project specific management system and supporting documentation
    • WHS Management Plan
    • Access and safe work methodologies
    • Safe work method statements
    • Emergency management and rescue planning
    • Safe and effective completion of project


  • Development of internal training system for WHS inductions and verification of competencies
  • Internal training to upskill team members in any new process and procedure, such as safe work methods and Rescue Plans
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High-Risk Project Management Process

High Risk Capabilities

  • Project specific safety management system and documentation

  • Contractor management High risk

  • Height safety system installation

  • Temporary access systems development and installation

  • Temporary access system work site supervision

  • Height Safety system testing and inspection

  • Inspection auditing and reporting

  • Confined space management

  • Rigging and heavy lifting

  • Geohazard inspections and mitigation

  • Sign installation

  • Structural and façade inspection

  • Rescue planning

  • Standby rescue service

  • Rescue training (accredited by Rescue3 International)

  • Use of Drones

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Keep It Simple Safety do?
Keep It Simple Safety helps businesses to get their Safety obligations in order and keep them there. We build custom systems designed to meet our clients needs exactly, all at a great price that won’t break the bank. We are the service you use when you either can’t afford or don’t need to employ a Safety expert, we are your Safety Partner.
Who needs a Safety Compliance System?
Every business needs to consider their safety compliance but it becomes even more important when you employ staff/contractors or you interact with or around the public. Every business should have at minimum a WHS Policy, a safety management plan that outlines how things like incidents are handled plus much more and forms to record incidents, hazards and other important information. If you don’t have this and something goes wrong you will be on the wrong side of the law.
What does Safety Compliance cost?
Not only do we have higly competitive pricing but we have monthly plans that any business can afford. Call us today to find out how cost effective our safety compliance systems are.
Why can't I just do it myself?
You can, this button will take you to our course ‘Guide to build your own Safety Compliance System’. We are here for those who don’t have the time or feel uncomfortable doing that kind of thing. Maybe you just value your time more in growing the business or bringing in new clients so you can leave this part up to us. The choice is yours. DIY Safety Compliance Course
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