Pokemon Go at Work is an issue

My kids love it, it drives me crazy but it’s a real issue that you should address with your workers. I can add that to the list of things I never thought would be a safety issue. Technology has presented a few interesting safety problems in recent times, in particular mobile phones are as issue for a variety of reasons. At TradieSafe we love technology and smart phones because we use them for WHS related tasks which is great but what if they get used for more?

There are a variety of ways you can approach this topic and they are all relatively straight forward. We will use Pokemon Go as the example but in reality you can substitute it for Facebook, Tinder, Twitter or any other game or app you can think of.

Talk about Pokemon Go

Raise the app or game or whatever it is at a Toolbox talk and make sure the companies point of view is clear for everyone to know. Use your phone on your break or lunch  or before and after work, lay out your rules and make sure everyone understands. Maybe your workplace bans phones at work altogether which is fine as well. The important part of this process is that you discuss the topic with your employee’s and they are clear on the expectations.

Lead by example

Walk the talk, it’s important that they don’t see you breaking that rule so just use your phone for talking when you are onsite or around the employee’s. As a general rule you can be certain that your employee’s are watching you much more closely than they are listening to you so walk the talk and lead by example.

Part of the reason that Pokemon Go is particularly dangerous is that you need to walk around watching the screen to catch the Pokemon and it doesn’t seem to care where it sends you, the road, the river or off a ledge. So even though talking about a game for your phone at a toolbox talk might seen crazy it’s worth mentioning because you never know who might be addicted in your business.

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