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The Peoples Safety Software

The #1 all-in-one compliance platform. Pick and choose from almost 100 modules to create a fit for purpose solution for your organisation. Donesafe is Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Risk, and Supplier/Contractor Management all in one. 

Donesafe is also fully customisable to your requirements, from naming to colours to questions and most importantly, workflows. Make your software work for you with Donesafe. 

How We Can Help

Custom Workflows

No two businesses are alike so why should you use the same workflows as someone else? With Donesafe we can setup whatever workflow you like around various aspects of the system such as Incident Workflow, Form Workflow, Contractor Management Workflow and much much more.

Custom Dashboards

We understand that different parts of your business need a different view of what’s happening so why not let them have their own Dashboard. With Donesafe we can setup a different dashboard for different roles and even build special dashboards for reporting and other aspects of your business, why try and fit it all in one when you don’t need to.

Custom Automations

Many platforms come with some automation built-in and that’s great but Donesafe lets you build whatever automation you want. Send Notifications, assign actions, set tags and much more based on triggers that can be answers to questions if forms, the state of a record and heaps more options. The flexibility is amazing and we can set it all up for you.

Custom Forms

Donesafe has all the power of a form building platform as well, we can build almost any form you currently use into Donesafe and then build that workflow around it.

Most Recommended & Best Functionality EHS Management Software

Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company awarded Donesafe in the following categories for Compliance Software, EHS Management, Learning Management System (LMS), Employee Training Software and Risk Management as; *Most Recommended 2020 *Category Leader 2020 *Best Functionality 2020

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