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WHS Compliance Doesn’t have to be Confusing!

Through the consultation we will not only go through the KISS system but we will go through exactly what you need to be compliant. We don’t talk in riddles and lawyer speak, we use real world examples, plain english and only talk about what is important to you.

We won’t waste your time we know you are busy, so we will get straight to the point and answer your questions, show you what we do and leave you to figure out your next move.

Get Answers to the Most Common Questions Business Owners Ask About WHS Compliance:

Do I have to do a SWMS for everything?

What is the Minimum I need to do for WHS Compliance?

Does every employee need a contract?

What are the minimum conditions of employment?

How do I manage difficult employee’s?

Do I have to report every Incident?

What is a toolbox talk and when do I need to have them?

How do I keep up to date with the legislation and changes?

What kind of training do we have to do?

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