Relevant information and stories about WHS/OHS and how it can effect your business.

Work Vehicles and what you need to know

Work Vehicles are a staple of many businesses, whether its a light truck, van, ute or anything else but do you know what your obligations are as a business when it comes to work vehicles? If you are wondering why work vehicles are a safety topic it's because between...

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Kids Visiting Worksites?

Is it ever ok for kids visiting work sites or work environments to occur? The simple answer is no unless you work in an office building wearing a suit and the most dangerous thing in your office is the coffee machine. If you make something, pack something, store...

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Builder Fined Over 3m Fall

Gold Coast builder fined $65,000 after a carpenter fell three metres through a staircase well and suffered a fractured skull. The company was fined after pleading guilty to breaching section 19(1) of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 for failing to meet its...

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