Keep It Simple Safety is much more than just WHS Compliance. We offer industry specific solutions and a large range of custom options to suit any buisness.
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Do you know if your business is legally compliant with WHS laws?

While anyone can start a business these days with an idea and an ABN there are many things noone tells you about having a business. One aspect of running a business that noone seems to help you with is WHS. WHS can be the making or the breaking of any business and it is a legal requirement not just nice things to do. Every business needs to fullfill their legal requirements in WHS as soon as you employ staff but figuring out exactly what you need to do can be extremely difficult when you have a business to run.

Let KISS be your partner in WHS, making sure your business is compliant, you are protected and you avoid costly and nasty legal problems with regulators.

We Combine Easy-To-Use Software with Deep Knowledge In the Field To Tailor The Exact Solution You Need. 

If you have looked for solutions to your WHS compliance problems you may already noticed there are 3 normal categories of so called solutions. You may have found places selling word templates that will supposedly make your business compliant, these are very generic and will certainly require considerable time on your behalf to edit and make suitable for your business not to mention the fact they don’t actually help you with advice or training.  You may have also found or talked to WHS Consultants who may be able to provide you with a compliant system but it might cost a great deal. Then there are a variety of software packages out there that may or may not make your life easier but they don’t come pre-configured for your business so again you are left to set everything up yourself.

At KISS we take the best knowledge/system and combine it with the best software to give you an easy to use system that is customised for your business and ready to use out of the box. But we don’t stop there we train you and show you how to use it, we follow up and make sure you are doing the right thing and we support you through the whole process. That’s the KISS way.


Industry Specific WHS Solution

Here’s Everything our TradieSafe WHS Implementation Includes:


An Expert WHS Partner, someone to answer your questions, monitor your progress keeping you on track and support your general WHS needs.


Immediate and ongoing support for incidents, worksafe visits, tenders and any other situation that may arise involving WHS.


The Donesafe Platform for you and your workers, available anywhere, anytime.


Policies, customised for your business, WHS, Environment, Drugs & Alcohol plus more.


Safety Management Plan, customised for your business including everything you need and nothing you don't.


Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Safe Operating Procedures (SOP), Safe Work Instructions (SWI) depending on your business needs, we will set them up for you.


Equipment register, Action Register, Chemical Register, Training Register, Incidents Register, Hazard Register all in one place.


A Toolbox talk emailed out each month along with reminders for things like testing and tagging, training that is due, changes in WHS regulations and any other important information.


Expert support over the phone when you need it.


Full Training and instruction on how to use the system and what you need to do to be compliant.

Custom Solutions

Here’s some of the Custom work we have done for Clients:


Full WHS outsourcing, KISS setup the WHS system, implemented it and then run the whole thing. This included site audits and inspections, incident management and investigation along with phone and email support across the country. All in a monthly package.


Fully customised Triple Certification in either paper based system or cloud based. This is a ground up solution to achieve Triple Certification in WHS 4801, Environmental 14001 and Quality 9001, we do all the hard work and you get the fantastic results.


Custom Donesafe modules for clients. These vary from Customer Complaints modules to fully customised workflow integrated modules that replace an entire folder of paper on each job. We can help your business achieve more transparency and more accountability no matter what the process.


Training development and roll out across sites or online.


Custom Management plans and Integrated Management Systems to suit any type of business, we have created documentation for many businesses from simple to very complex in nature. Everything is possible at KISS.

Happy customers.

“Openfire had always strived to be WHS compliant. Keep It Simple Safety allowed us to be compliant without the overhead and time drain on our business. Knowing that the KISS team are always there if we need them for any reason just gives extra peace of mind for any surprises that might come up.Keep It Simple Safety has made WHS compliance an easy process. We would have no trouble recommending them”

Tim Melville & Sam Hannant


“We have recently secured a contract with a large mining company and it would not have been possible without Keep It Simple Safety. The great support and advice through the process have been invaluable. We now have a compliant WHS system, a great new client and we know the KISS team are always there if we need them. The tender process was difficult and being able to call for advice whenever we needed it was great. The mining company was impressed with our systems for a small business.”

Chad Hurrell

Plumbing Worx (NSW)

“We have previously had some issues with WHS consultants who over promised and under delivered, but the entire Keep It Simple Safety process has been great. We now have a compliant WHS system and we know the KISS team are always there if we need them for any reason. The System was easy to implement and is simple to maintain. We would certainly recommend them.”

Kim McIntosh

HSS Group

What does Keep It Simple Safety do?

Keep It Simple Safety helps SME businesses to get their WHS obligations in order and keep them there. We build custom systems designed around a subscription model. We also provide ongoing support and advice to all of our clients. We are the service you use when you either can’t afford or don’t need to employ a WHS expert, we are your WHS Partner.

Who needs a WHS compliance system?

Every business needs to consider their WHS compliance but it becomes even more important when you employ staff/contractors or you interact with or around the public. Every business should have at minimum a WHS Policy, a safety management plan that outlines how things like incidents are handled plus much more and forms to record incidents, hazards and other important information. If you don’t have this and something goes wrong you will be on the wrong side of the law. 

What does WHS Compliance cost?

Not only do we have higly competitive pricing but we have monthly plans that any business can afford. Call us today to find out how cost effective our compliance systems are.

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