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KISS WHS Compliance for your business is not just a pile of Templates or generic documents, it’s customised to your business and your needs. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

At KISS we give you a ready to use system, no matter your business we do all the customisation work for you. From clutter and non-conformance to WHS Compliance.
This includes:
We do all the setup work, all you do is supply the information we request and we take care of the rest. Even down to collecting the SDS’s for the chemicals you work with, we do it all.
We only include parts of the system that are relevant to your business, if you don’t work with explosives you don’t need a procedure for it. By only including what your business needs we keep the size and complexity of our system down to an easily understood and implemented package.
We include your logo and company details across the system. This makes it look and feel like an internal system instead of something you have downloaded.
We make sure everything matches and fits together in the system. So you won’t have references to parts that don’t exist or have strange requirements like you would find in a template system you might purchase.
We make sure the legislation references and codes of practise are valid for your state or area of work.

To put it in simple terms we take care of all the hassles and you get a ready to use system with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

What Happens Once you are Compliant?

Training, once you have all the parts in place we will put you through our online training system that will explain all the parts of the system and get you up to speed quick smart.

More Training, yep we don’t stop until you are comfortable with what you need to do and how to do it.

Ongoing monitoring, we keep an eye on what you are doing in the system and make sure that you are completing the tasks we have setup so you can stay compliant.

Quarterly Reports on how you are doing with your compliance. We give you a breakdown on where you are doing great and where you might need to improve.

We also keep an eye on your Safety Data Sheets and Learning Records for anything that will expire and we either fix it ourselves or notify you so you can follow up.

We also keep an eye on all the legislation and codes of practise across the country to make sure if anything changes it gets updated in your system ASAP.

We help you review your system each year and make sure that nothing needs to be updated or changed.

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