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Like to ‘DIY’

Are you a ‘Do It Yourself’ kind of person? But not sure where to start with Safety Compliance and your business? Our Basic Online Course gives you all the basic information and understanding you need to do it all yourself and for a limited time it’s FREE.


How About ‘DIY’ Plus

Our Complete Online Course is really the complete package, everything you will need to create your own Safety Compliance System, 29 Templates, 15 explanational videos and all the answers you need to get compliant right now if you love to do it yourself. Currently on Special for $699

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Let Us Do It For You

If you are the kind of person who has no time or desire to do it yourself then you are in the right place too. We offer completely custom systems for all kinds of businesses from plumbers to caravan parks and everything in between. You can have a paper based system or go completely paperless if you want, the choice is all yours and it starts from $99 per week with full ongoing support and assistance.

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Australia’s #1 Donesafe Consulting Partner for businesses with up to 50 employees.


We believe in SIMPLE

At KISS we live by the ‘Keep It Simple’ code, it’s just what we do. 

We believe in PARTNERSHIPS

At KISS you’re not just a customer, we are your WHS partner here to help whenever we can. 

We believe in Systems PLUS Service

At KISS you get great WHS and Donesafe Support PLUS top shelf service and support. 

We believe in the TRUTH

At KISS we tell it how it is, and we stand by our advice. 

We believe in being ONTIME

At KISS we mean what we say, and we say what we mean. No excuses, just results. 

We believe in TRANSPARENCY

At KISS there are no hidden feed and no surprises. What you see is what you get. 

What makes our Safety Compliance System Different?

At Keep It Simple Safety we don’t use the cookie cutter approach, we work individually with all of our clients to make sure they are fully compliant.

Happy customers.

“Openfire had always strived to be WHS compliant. Keep It Simple Safety allowed us to be compliant without the overhead and time drain on our business. Knowing that the KISS team are always there if we need them for any reason just gives extra peace of mind for any surprises that might come up.Keep It Simple Safety has made WHS compliance an easy process. We would have no trouble recommending them”

Tim Melville & Sam Hannant


“We have recently secured a contract with a large mining company and it would not have been possible without Keep It Simple Safety. The great support and advice through the process have been invaluable. We now have a compliant WHS system, a great new client and we know the KISS team are always there if we need them. The tender process was difficult and being able to call for advice whenever we needed it was great. The mining company was impressed with our systems for a small business.”

Chad Hurrell

Plumbing Worx (NSW)

“We have previously had some issues with WHS consultants who over promised and under delivered, but the entire Keep It Simple Safety process has been great. We now have a compliant WHS system and we know the KISS team are always there if we need them for any reason. The System was easy to implement and is simple to maintain. We would certainly recommend them.”

Kim McIntosh

HSS Group

What does Keep It Simple Safety do?

Keep It Simple Safety helps businesses to get their Safety obligations in order and keep them there. We build custom systems designed to meet our clients needs exactly, all at a great price that won’t break the bank. We are the service you use when you either can’t afford or don’t need to employ a Safety expert, we are your Safety Partner.

Who needs a Safety Compliance System?

Every business needs to consider their safety compliance but it becomes even more important when you employ staff/contractors or you interact with or around the public. Every business should have at minimum a WHS Policy, a safety management plan that outlines how things like incidents are handled plus much more and forms to record incidents, hazards and other important information. If you don’t have this and something goes wrong you will be on the wrong side of the law. 

What does Safety Compliance cost?

Not only do we have higly competitive pricing but we have monthly plans that any business can afford. Call us today to find out how cost effective our safety compliance systems are.

Why can't I just do it myself?

You can, if you scroll up you will see a link to our course Guide to build your own Safety Compliance System. We are here for those who don’t have the time or feel uncomfortable doing that kind of thing. Maybe you just value your time more in growing the business or bringing in new clients so you can leave this part up to us. The choice is yours.